About Hickey and Associates

We assist companies in selecting the best location to expand,
relocate, or consolidate anywhere in the world while achieving
vital savings to help grow and sustain business.

H&A Team

By having a presence in key markets throughout the world, H&A ensures our services are always aligned with each unique local environment and provides our clients with an unparalleled level of support. H&A has offices strategically located around the globe, including New York City, Chicago, London, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Montreal, Bangalore, São Paulo, and Mexico City.

H&A, founded in 1986, was one of the first companies to offer integrated site location and workforce services. Today, as the global leader, H&A has active projects in every corner of the world led by our team of seasoned professionals, with additional support from Subject Matter Experts in key global markets.

We believe:

"The best predictor of future success is past success."



$2 billion




At H&A we employ the best in the business so that our clients receive high quality, specialized service. 



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CoreNet Global Economic Development Deal of the Year Award for Major Projects/Deals

Location Strategy, Incentive and Labor Analytics for SIOR Membership



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Business Facilities Economic Development Project of the Year

Examples of our Success

Securing Critical Support

Following an extensive site selection analysis, a financial delta existed between the final locations.  H&A experts worked with multiple economic development entities to secure and capture a complex public incentive package, ultimately ensuring the financial future for the project.

Discovering Growth Potential

Global manufacturing company required review of existing footprint in EMEA and Americas.  Through H&A’s data analytics and innovative tools, the business identified several key cost savings drivers across portfolio providing for growth today. 

Center of Excellence

Mining thousands of data points across several dozen communities, H&A navigated a client through an intercontinental site selection analysis. H&A’s in-depth, proven labor analytics practice led the client to a location with a workforce that not only meets requirements of the bottom line, but also has the skill sets needed for years to come.

As a global consulting firm, we’re always on the lookout for talented, dynamic individuals. Our team is located in strategic locations throughout the world, delivering first-class services to our diverse client portfolio. If you are an individual who possesses high energy, good communication and interpersonal skills, a strong attention to detail, and direct experience in business, real estate and/or government, you may be a perfect fit for our team.

Please find below specific team member positions currently being sought for by Hickey & Associates. We also offer internship positions at a number of our offices around the world. For information on the announcements and how to apply, please refer to the information below.

If a particular position is not currently listed, we still encourage talented, dynamic individuals to submit their resumes and CVs to jobs@hickeyandassociates.com.

Hickey & Associates is an Equal Opportunity Employer