THE HICKEY BLOG – A New Era in Site Selection

Let the HICKEY Team help you navigate the dynamic world of Site Selection. Our blog posts will detail all the latest happenings and emerging trends in the industry when it concerns topics such as: 

  • Credits & Incentives;
  • Labor Analytics;
  • Logistics and Supply Chain; 
  • Global Innovation;
  • Workplace / Corporate Solutions; 

The HICKEY Team prides itself on being the global leaders when it comes to site location advisory. We ensure that our blog will incorporate relevant insight from around the world. 

Our experts, located in every major region of the globe, will provide insightful content that helps you and your company make better decisions when choosing the right location for your company’s expansion, consolidation or relocation efforts.  

As we continue to expand our global footprint, we also continue to provide first-hand editorial input and expertise to help understand what these global government policies, economic shifts, and socio-political impacts mean for companies in the world of commercial and industrial real estate.

We’ve developed the HICKEY Blog in order to keep you and your company informed of such important issues impacting the world of site selection. 

Our goal is the development of The HICKEY Blog is to provide you with a one-stop resource where you can stay engaged with such issues that affect an everchanging and dynamic global economy.

Our team’s blog will ensure to provide an in-depth analysis of the topics mentioned above. You’ll come to understand why we’re considered the global advisory leaders.

With an 83 percent retention rate among our clients, managing over 400 projects worldwide and helping capture over $3 billion in savings annually, HICKEY reinforces its position as a thought leader. 

We hope you engage with our content and provide us feedback. We want to talk to the topics and issues that may be affecting your future site selection decisions. 

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