Our team provides the best-in-class support that is truly comprehensive. We ensure our clients realize the full value of an incentive package, all while minimizing the risk to the business!

These services are for the full life cycle of the incentive, which includes the identifying, negotiating, securing, legal construction, and compliance and aftercare. We are committed to providing high-quality personalized service with integrity and intelligence, which is critical when securing public incentives for our clients.

H&A’s comprehensive Credits and Incentives Service includes the following:

Pre-qualification of Incentives

Public Disclosure Protection


Legal Construction

Aftercare and Benefit Collection

State/Local Tax

Public incentives often come in the form of reduced tax liability at the national, state/provincial and local levels. H&A advises their clients to determine the potential value of these incentives.

Discretionary Incentives

Government agencies and economic development officials are armed with the ability to provide discretionary incentives to prospective companies. Known by many as “Deal Closing Funds,” these funding opportunities are often not directly advertised for and take a savvy, experienced professional to discover and capture these incentives. Guided by certain parameters, government agencies and economic development officials have discretionary authority to grant these funds based on the project’s size, scope and impact to the community.

Workforce Training Opportunities

Government agencies and economic development officials are often working to improve the employability and productivity of their local workforce. To develop their workforce and establish a pipeline of future skilled employees, officials often offer financial incentives and technical assistance. Companies may be able to capture these opportunities for training and skill development for their incumbent workers and new employees.

Complex Incentives

Around the world there are opportunities for companies to uncover financing assistance that are often very complex and difficult to capture. Working directly with H&A’s legal and financial structuring team, our clients receive first-class, turnkey services in navigating these programs. These types of opportunities often include:
• New Markets Tax Credits
• Industrial Revenue and other Public and Quasi-Public Bonds
• Tax Increment Financing
• Foreign Trade Zones
• Land Use, Brownfields and Environmental Project Coordination
• Discount Leasing and Leaseback Scenarios
• Land Transfer and Discount Purchasing

New Markets Tax Credits

We provide active, market-leading, state-of-the-art consulting and legal services with respect to federal New Markets Tax Credits (“NMTCs”). NMTCs are powerful, but underutilized, tools for economic development targeting low-income communities. H&A provides an array of comprehensive services designed to engage at the earliest possible moment for effective action and carry the NMTC project through to a timely and, importantly, cost-effective completion.

Green and Renewable Energy

Companies seeking to invest in renewable energy technologies, implement energy efficiencies and develop green, sustainable practices, can often find public funding assistance for their project. Green and renewable energy incentives are critical to companies making investments at their facilities.


Hickey works with our clients to identify potential “trigger events” across their business which may provide credits and incentives opportunities. Project scope, geographic location, and timing are among the leading determinants of the opportunity for pursuing a partnership for credits and incentives. These partnership opportunities can often be secured in key business and real estate events which include the following:


Equipment, process improvements, infrastructure, rehab/repair existing building/fixture, general maintenance, software


Business acquisitions, facility expansions, relocations, consolidations, lease expirations, lease renewals


New hires, apprentice programs, training, recruiting, retention, on-site daycare, health & wellness


Lighting, HVAC, boilers, motors & drives, process utilities, environmental clean-up & remediation, renewable energy investments



HICKEY released the new U.S. Credits & Incentives Legislative Update Fall 2019 report and is now available online. The report is a comprehensive review of new legislation, proposed policies, and regulatory changes dealing with economic development around the United States.

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U.S. Credits & Incentives Update – Fall 2019

HICKEY’s latest report on credits and incentives in the United States, U.S. Credits & Incentives Legislative Update – Fall 2019 Report, is a comprehensive review of new legislation, proposed policies, and regulatory changes dealing with economic development and investment promotion around the United States.  Download now to read the full report.

Download Our Report Here!

APAC Government Incentives Update 2020

Across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, government officials and investment promotion leaders are developing and deploying initiatives and programmes to address economic challenges and to prepare for the future.  Don’t miss HICKEY’s latest report on the recent shifts and new policies in the APAC Government Incentives Update 2020 Report.

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India Government Incentives Update 2020

As the Indian economy has evolved, the utilisation and deployment of government incentives have, as well. In the recent HICKEY report, India Government Incentives Update 2020 Report, local experts discuss the key programmes and industries in India today across the expansive economy, along with a detailed update on policies, schemes, and initiatives.

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Incentives in Europe 2020 Report 2020

Evaluating and capturing credits and incentives in Europe requires a different approach than other parts of the world, which leads many business leaders to overlook support programmes for their company’s investments.  Learn more in HICKEY’s State Aid Primer 2020 – Incentives in Europe Report.

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Are You Leveraging Credits & Incentives?

HICKEY is a global credits & incentives advisory firm that provides an analysis of the critical trends, legislative changes, policy shifts, and proposed regulations around the nation’s state capitals and local communities. For example, HICKEY can help secure cash grants, tax credits, and discretionary funding for your company. Our team can also help your company identify unique public incentives or workforce training opportunities that are being offered throughout the United States. 

Our experience in the industry speaks for itself. 

30+ Years of Incentive Advisory Expertise

For thirty-plus years, HICKEY’s advisory team continues to be a global leader in economic development incentives advisory for corporate clients. Our goal is to ensure our clients receive the most value from these credits & incentives programs while minimizing the risk to their business. 

We align our services with each unique local environment in the states. This is one of the reasons you can find our experts located throughout different regions of the United States. We are expanding our footprint globally and continue to build our team in every major region of the world. 

Our responsibility to our clients, and prospective clients, is to educate them on the value incentives can bring.

Connect With Our One of Our Experts

HICKEY is on top of the latest developments in the industry. Our content and thought leadership is and will always be driven by our clients’ best interests. When it comes to potential new site locations for your expansion or relocation efforts, you can count on HICKEY to provide all the information and data required to make an educated decision. 

Securing credits & incentives for your business is an important element in the decision-making process when considering new locations for your company. Economic development incentive procurement is a major part of site selection that many companies tend to overlook. In other words, incentive advisory is an important part of the economic development toolbox and we provide the tools necessary to leverage those incentives programs. 

We’re here to ensure you don’t lose out and miss the opportunity to gain from these available incentive programs. 

The HICKEY incentive team is here to provide the most extensive understanding of identifying, negotiating, and securing credits & incentives. You can connect with one of our experts today if you have any questions or if you’re interested in learning more – www.hickeyandassociates.com/experts 

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