Policy shifts: H&A releases new report on credits and incentives in the United States


HICKEY, a global location consulting firm, reviews and analyzes the key trends, legislative changes, and policy shifts around the nation’s state capitals and local communities regarding credits and incentives 

New York, NY (November 14, 2019) – HICKEY released a new report on the dynamic environment of credits and incentives across the United States.  Their report, the U.S. Credits & Incentives Update Fall 2019 Report, provides analysis and insights on the critical trends, legislative changes, policy shifts, and proposed regulations around the nation’s state capitals and local communities.

Over the past year, credits and incentives have been on the forefront of a number of high-visibility projects in the United States as they remain a critical part of any corporate relocation decision.

HICKEY developed this report, not to stir up a contentious debate over the formation or use of incentives, but rather to help clients, peers, and industry professionals understand the opportunities and risks associated with these economic development tools as they navigate their corporate location strategies.

HICKEY emphasizes the importance and availability of these incentives for deployment by states and communities, while understanding the responsibility lawmakers have to their constituents to ensure transparency and accountability when implemented.

The report also provides insights on the expanding trend of utilizing credits and incentives as tools to drive investment in regions facing economic disparity and rural areas. In particular, a number of states and communities have established incentive programs designed to leverage federal Opportunity Zones, which were created in the major tax overhaul law passed in 2017.

In all, HICKEY’s new report provides a detailed outline of a number of key trends and proposed initiatives, including the following:


  • Enhanced Opportunity Zones
  • Transparency and ROI Requirements
  • State Appropriations / Budget Updates
  • Incentive Risk / Reward Assessments 
  • Major Project Announcements



The full report is available to download now: https://www.hickeyandassociates.com/creditsincentives/