Our team provides the best-in-class support that is truly comprehensive. We ensure our clients realize the full value of an incentive package, all while minimizing the risk to the business!

These services are for the full life cycle of the incentive, which includes the identifying, negotiating, securing, legal construction, and compliance and aftercare. We are committed to providing high-quality personalized service with integrity and intelligence, which is critical when securing public incentives for our clients.

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The HICKEY Team understands the importance of an optimal site and sustainable workforce. Our goal is to provide objective analysis that is key to the success of any new or existing facility. No matter the industry or type, let our Site Selection, Incentives, and Labor Analytics experts help you identify the latest in workforce trends, new incentives programs, and help forecast short/long-term risks by connecting with us. Click the button below to connect directly with one of our experts today!




For more than 30 years, HICKEY has led the evolution of the site selection industry. We’ve been committed to the continuous disruption of the site selection process to ensure our clients have the data, tools, and strategic approach necessary to find the optimal location for their business. Ultimately, our success is based on the success of our clients.

We believe that the best predictor of future success is past success.

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Securing Critical Support

Following an extensive site selection analysis, labor analytics, and incentive evaluation, a significant financial delta existed between the final locations.

H&A experts worked with multiple economic development entities to secure and capture a complex public incentive package, ultimately ensuring the financial future for the project.

In the end, the client was able to choose the most optimal location for the business with the financial confidence to create hundreds of new jobs and invest over $100 million in the facility.

Discovering Growth Potential

Global manufacturing company required comprehensive review of existing footprint in EMEA and Americas to discover potential efficiencies and challenges, particularly with a focus on their workforce.

Deploying H&A’s data analytics and innovative tools, along with more than thirty years of industry experience, the business successfully identified several key cost savings drivers across portfolio providing for growth today.

In total, the company discovered over 30% in cost savings across their portfolio.

Center of Excellence

Mining thousands of data points across several dozen communities, H&A navigated a client through an intercontinental site selection analysis.

H&A’s in-depth, proven site selection and labor analytics practice led the client to a location with a workforce that not only meets requirements of the bottom line, but also forecasts the skillsets needed for years to come.