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As a business with aspirations of regional or global expansion, how do you keep pace with the changes and transformations in a dynamic world? How do you prepare for a more transient and freelance workforce? Where is the best market for your business? What are potential new challenges that your company will face in trying to answer these questions?

As the global leader in location strategy, labor analytics, credits and incentives advisory, logistics/supply chain, and workplace solutions, HICKEY was compelled to develop this report to answer these questions for our clients.

This report outlines and evaluates the factors currently driving innovation and business transformation. In the effort to identify the optimal locations around the world, we defined the characteristics that support such active business transformation. Within the rankings, we have identified leading and emerging markets.

Educating our clients to better understand the global markets that are developing strong learning and collaborative communities, investing heavily in R&D, showing significant growth in millennial population, and drawing the attention of a high number of start-ups is vital in establishing a sound location strategy.


Across all the metrics and data evaluated for the 2020 Global Innovation Hubs (GIH) report, the following are the Top 5 global markets driving innovation today, and well into the future:

  1. Boston, United States
  2. London, United Kingdom
  3. San Francisco, United States
  4. Los Angeles, United States
  5. San Jose, United States

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Powering What’s Next

Innovation and transformation are the main drivers behind growth for both cities and businesses. To evaluate this section, there was a focus on the number of patents and startups in markets around the world. The frequency, as well as the concentration of these two elements are a clear indicator of a city focused on becoming an innovation hub.

The ability to transform and adapt as a market to match consumer interests is a telling factor when considering an innovation hub, as well. Growth in patents and startups were also a main attractor when evaluating different markets.

2020 Global Innovation Hubs Webinar Series

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