Media Contribution – Corp. HQ Article in Trade & Industry Development April 2018

Corporate Headquarters

Finding a New Home: Locating a Corp. HQ

David Hickey, H&A Managing Director, was recently featured in Trade & Industry Development magazine discussing key decision points for undertaking a corp. headquarters site selection project.  Hickey discusses the critical factors weighed in these strategic projects, such as workforce availability, real estate availability, logistics, and leveraging public support contribute to the overall location strategy.

Key takeaways from the article are:

  • Availability of required skills within the location’s labor shed.
  • Corporate HQ projects typically require specific skillsets.
  • Critical to recognize the long-term aspect of a project: the future talent pipeline, migratory patterns, and demographic forecasting.
  • Personal tax liability is a major factor in recruiting executive level talent.
Real Estate
  • Dependent on the company and its internal culture, corporate headquarters design, atmosphere and footprint are wide-ranging.
  • Proximity to air transportation is critical for many corporate headquarters location decisions
  • Will executive leadership have the ability to travel across the country/world with ease? Will the desired workforce have the means to reach the corporate campus?
Public Support
  • Communities leverage incentives for corporate headquarters projects to not only create high-paying jobs, but also to encourage development in core areas targeted for development.

To enjoy the article in full, please visit the T&I website: Finding a New Home: Locating a Corporate Headquarters