H&A Media Contribution: Site Selection for the Dynamic Plastics Industry


H&A’s David Hickey, Managing Director, was recently a featured contributor for Trade and Industry Development’s January 2019 issue with an article titled, “Site Selection for the Vital Plastics Industry.”

In the extensive piece, Hickey covers a list of key location factors which must be considered when searching for the optimal site for a plastics manufacturing facility. As discussed in the article, the following are among the most critical factors:

  • Availability of Talent;
  • Access to feedstock;
  • Site readiness;
  • Energy costs;
  • Reliable infrastructure;
  • Effective transportation;
  • Customer proximity,
  • Economic development incentives; and,
  • Environmental regulations

As the global leader in site selection, credits and incentives, labor analytics, and workforce solutions, Hickey details the in’s and out’s of what every corporate real estate leader dealing within the plastics industry must know for their next location strategy requirements.

To read the full article, please visit the Trade and Industry Development website directly: Site Selection for the Vital Plastics Industry