SiteTrends: Mexico Manufacturing 2017

H&A releases SiteTrends: Mexico Manufacturing 2017

SiteTrends: Mexico Manufacturing 2017


Hickey and Associates (H&A), a global site location, incentive advisory, and workforce analytics firm, has developed a report, SiteTrends: Mexico Manufacturing 2017, reviewing key market trends, including labor force dynamics, supply chain logistics, and economic development incentives. To download a complimentary copy, click here.

In today’s ever-evolving global marketplace, manufacturing in Mexico is increasingly competitive employing approximately 13 million people, a maturing industrial climate, and infrastructure to support a bi-coastal economy. As the country’s industry continues to grow, manufacturers aim to leverage affordable labor, labor’s aptitude for production skills, and the attractive business environment afforded in the country.

In evaluating Mexico’s manufacturing market, H&A compares metrics to the United States, Mexico’s largest trading partner, when relevant in terms of scale or applicability. Other Latin American countries are also benchmarked to give regional perspective for alternative production locations. Affordable economies in Asia are also included for similar scale and scope comparisons, including India, Indonesia, Turkey, and Vietnam.

These comparisons give a broad international perspective and help benchmark the merits of Mexico’s manufacturing economy. 

Click here to download the report: SiteTrends: Mexico Manufacturing 2017