SiteTrends: India Labour and Government Aid 2017

H&A releases SiteTrends: India Labour and Government Aid 2017

SiteTrends: India Labour and Government Aid 2017

Hickey and Associates (H&A), a global site location, incentive advisory, and workforce analytics firm, has developed a report, SiteTrends: India Labour and Government Aid 2017, reviewing a number of key economic and labor factors across the Indian subcontinent. To download a complimentary copy, click here.

A democratic government, strong adaptation of English, and growing education system, India is well-positioned to be a 21st century job juggernaut. Becoming increasingly sophisticated and diversified, India has the second largest workforce with over 500 million workers. In comparison, the Indian workforce is twice the size of the European Union, and nearly three times as large as the United States. Along with its workforce, the country’s bi-coastal economy, extensive rail system, modern airports, and increasingly reliable electrical distribution will accelerate the country’s economy for the next century.

In evaluating India’s labor market, H&A compared metrics to other large economies, as well as, regional competitors, such as Indonesia, Pakistan, and Vietnam to provide additional perspective. Change over time is another way this paper examines how India is adapting its economy to the international market. Trends in time are used to forecast future outcomes through 2025 and offer a look at future growth.

H&A’s SiteTrends: India Labour and Government Aid 2017 also takes an extensive look at the government’s expanded support of business.  Through a variety of economic development incentives and export policies, the Modi government, along with regional and local initiatives, is directly supporting the growth of the nation’s economy.

Click here to download the report: SiteTrends: India Labour and Government Aid 2017