Hickey leads corp. real estate discussion on global uncertainty, trade issues

Jason Hickey, President & CEO of Hickey & Associates, led a riveting discussion on the challenging global environment for corporate real estate stakeholders at the recent Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) Fall 2018 Professional Forum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Hickey tackled the many issues real estate leaders are dealing with a day-to-day basis, including global trade, geopolitical challenges, dynamic workforces, and major economic shifts, among many other key hot-button items leading an uncertain world. 

Session participants not only discussed the issues at hand, but also how best to address the present challenges with proven site selection strategies, including forecasting, benchmarking, and labor analytics.

Attendees to the session were corporate real estate executives, economic development leaders, and service providers.  The fall forum was held at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown.

Hickey & Associates is proud to be a member of the IAMC Chairman’s Circle.