HICKEY’s Family Office & Private Equity Team is devoted to providing specialized strategic and operational assessments to help our clients increase Enterprise Value and drive EBITDA through real estate and operational transformation.

We enhance the value of our clients’ transformational projects by implementing our proprietary fact-based process that considers hundreds of location variables that creates competitive advantages to build a stronger-sustainable workforce and substantially offset costs through credits & incentives procurement.

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Transformational Projects

Delivering an average Project Cost Savings of 31% through proven location strategy and proprietary analytics

Global Location Advisory

Labor Analytics

Credits & Incentives

Logistics & Supply Chain
-Currently we have 450+ active projects in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa

Portfolio CAPEX Review

Reducing annual CapEx Spend by 5%-20% through proactive credits & incentives procurement strategies

In-house team of specialized experts will provide:
– Pre-Qualification
– Public Disclosure Protection
– Negotiation
– Legal & Financing Structures
– Aftercare & Benefit Collection

M&A Due Diligence

Creating a Competitive Advantage for critical M&A due diligence

Offset CapEx—Credits & incentives opportunities based on Investment Thesis

Employee Training & Retention—Acquisition may trigger as-of-right cash grant opportunities

Labor—Review current & future labor market trends to forecast costs and sustainability of your workforce

Logistics & Supply Chain—Quick-hit network optimization opportunities


Hickey works with our clients to identify potential “trigger events” across their business which may provide credits and incentives opportunities. Project scope, geographic location, and timing are among the leading determinants of the opportunity for pursuing a partnership for credits and incentives. These partnership opportunities can often be secured in key business and real estate events which include the following:


Equipment, process improvements, infrastructure, rehab/repair existing building/fixture, general maintenance, software


Business acquisitions, facility expansions, relocations, consolidations, lease expirations, lease renewals


New hires, apprentice programs, training, recruiting, retention, on-site daycare, health & wellness


Lighting, HVAC, boilers, motors & drives, process utilities, environmental clean-up & remediation, renewable energy investments



U.S. Credits & Incentives Update – Fall 2019

HICKEY’s latest report on credits and incentives in the United States, U.S. Credits & Incentives Legislative Update – Fall 2019 Report, is a comprehensive review of new legislation, proposed policies, and regulatory changes dealing with economic development around the United States.

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European Logistics Trends Report 2019

To provide a look into the dynamic world of logistics, HICKEY experts examined leading operational and location factors, including talent pipelines, infrastructure, fertility rates, migratory patterns, commute times, amenities, and grants and incentives, in the 2019 European Logistics Trends Report.

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Shared Services Centers Report 2019

The complexities of balancing costs and quality, increasing efficiency by means of technology, and retaining and attracting talent have surfaced and challenged the decisions of identifying the optimal locations for Shared Services Centers (SSCs) around the world.

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APAC Government Incentives Update 2020

Across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, government officials and investment promotion leaders are developing and deploying initiatives and programmes to address economic challenges and to prepare for the future.  Don’t miss HICKEY’s latest report on the recent shifts and new policies in the APAC Government Incentives Update 2020 Report.

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State Aid Primer 2020 – Incentives in Europe

Evaluating and capturing credits and incentives in Europe requires a different approach than other parts of the world, which leads many business leaders to overlook support programmes for their company’s investments.  Learn more in HICKEY’s State Aid Primer 2020 – Incentives in Europe Report.

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India Government Incentives Update 2020

As the Indian economy has evolved, the utilisation and deployment of government incentives have, as well. In the recent HICKEY report, India Government Incentives Update 2020 Report, local experts discuss the key programmes and industries in India today across the expansive economy, along with a detailed update on policies, schemes, and initiatives.

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