HICKEY offers an innovative technical approach to understanding local labor trends. Our clients choose from a suite of products that customize the approach to identify current labor dynamics and forecast short-term and long-term workforce risks. We use the best industry standard data combined with innovations in big data, ground truth result control, change detection analysis, social media analysis, and data we collect. We deliver the highest quality service in labor shed, demographic, socio-political, and on the ground research available.

Our proprietary algorithms determine both where and when change will affect the labor shed, sustainability of a labor force, education, growth saturation rates, attrition, migratory patterns, and other labor decision metrics. We understand the importance of a sustainable workforce and provide objective analysis that is key to the success of any new or existing facility.

We provide our clients with the entire Labor Analytics process, which includes:




Data Conforming

Risk Mitigation



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The Value of Deploying Labor and Workforce Analytics 

When it comes to Labor and Workforce Analytics, HICKEY utilizes innovative technology and property algorithms to help our clients understand future labor trends. As a result, we’re the leaders in providing the most comprehensive and informative analytics available in the industry. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients determine what future trends of the following will look like:

  • Labor Shed;
  • Labor Force Sustainability; 
  • Education / Talent Growth;
  • Workforce Saturation Rates;
  • Labor Attrition.
  • Talent Migratory Patterns

HICKEY Provides Personalized Service Throughout The Entire Labor and Workforce Analytics Process

Our team of Labor and Workforce Experts guide our clients throughout every step of the process.  We help our clients with research, risk mitigation, and the identification of key data points. As a result, when it comes to providing the most useful approach to understanding location analytics and workforce trends, HICKEY can’t be beaten.  

Analytics Expertise 

With an innovative technical approach, HICKEY is the industry expert in helping companies understand local and global workforce trends. As the industry leader, we provide our clients with a vast selection of products and services that help them understand the current climate of labor and workforce dynamics. 

Our value-add services are grounded in the way our analytics can help guide your current and future location decisions. The data that HICKEY provides results in a sounder and more informative strategy that will help mitigate risk to your business and give insight to the scalability of your company for years to come.

We Understand The Importance of a Sustainable Workforce 

For instance, HICKEY can also help your company determine when and where change will affect the labor shed as well as when you’re in the process of developing a new facility or expanding a current one. Additionally, our team can also help other important factors of labor and workforce analytics. 

We understand the importance of a sustainable workforce and remain objective in our analysis for our clients. The key to the success of any new or existing facility is approaching each project objectively.  

Locating The Right Labor Markets and Optimizing Your Workforce

We help clients identify key labor markets that will enable them to optimize their workforce. Using our proprietary algorithms, we’re able to provide critical data points that other companies overlook and don’t account for. Our labor and workforce analytics help enable clients to identify key markets where the required talent with the right skill set is located.

Let HICKEY Help You Find The Right Market and Talent

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