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Credits & Incentives U.S. Report Fall 2019 Update

REPORT DETAILS THE DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT OF CREDITS & INCENTIVES IN THE UNITED STATES HICKEY, a global location consulting firm, reviews and analyzes the key trends, legislative changes, and policy shifts around the nation’s state capitals and local communities regarding credits and incentives  New York, NY (November 14, 2019) – HICKEY released a new report on the dynamic environment of credits and incentives across the United States.  Their report, the U.S. Credits & Incentives Update Fall 2019 Report, provides analysis and insights on the critical trends, legislative changes, policy shifts, and proposed regulations around the nation’s state capitals and local communities. Over the past year, credits and...
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European Logistics Trends Report

NEW RESEARCH REVEALS HOW THE BOOM IN E-COMMERCE IS INCREASING LABOUR SHORTAGES AND CHANGING TRADITIONAL LOCATION DECISIONS IN THE DYNAMIC LOGISTICS MARKET HICKEY, a global location consulting firm, assesses the European market on labour shortages across the Logistics Industry that should be on every Investor / Developer / Occupier’s radar Europe (11, Nov 2019) – HICKEY released their European Logistics Trends Report, highlighting the major structural challenges caused by the explosion in E-Commerce causing increasing shortages of logistics workers across Europe. HICKEY experts examined 16 key markets across Europe by evaluating leading operational and location factors, including talent pipelines, infrastructure, fertility rates, migratory...
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H&A Releases Global Rankings for Top Innovation Cities

  GLOBAL REAL ESTATE CONSULTING FIRM RANKS CITIES ON INNOVATION, RELEASES GLOBAL INNOVATION HUBS REPORT Hickey & Associates, a global real estate consulting and site selection firm, assess global markets on innovation by analyzing thousands of datapoints in new report New York, NY (April 11, 2019) – Hickey & Associates (H&A) released its Global Innovation Hubs Report, highlighting the top global cities for innovation. The report, conducted utilizing state-of-the-art technology to assess thousands of data points across more than 300 markets, pinpoints the next hotbeds of business innovation and transformation across the globe. The report ranks these centers in order...
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H&A Media Contribution: Featured Article on Labor Analytics in CoreNet Leader

  H&A’s Beth Choulas, Principal, recently contributed an insightful article on labor analytics in CoreNet Leader, a bimonthly magazine published by the worlds’ leading corporate real estate association. The article, titled, “Labor Analytics: the horse before the cart”, takes a deep dive into the reasons corporate leaders need to deploy labor analytics throughout their business. Choulas outlines why labor analytics is a critical element for operational decision making, and sets out the key elements which need to be encompassed. Within the article, Choulas defines three vital reasons for utilizing labor analytics: Costs Change Time To read the article, please visit...
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H&A releases new Spring 2019 report on Credits & Incentives in the United States

H&A releases new Spring 2019 report on Credits & Incentives in the United States Report is now available online Economic development in the United States is driven by a number of economic, political, and social factors. One of the key factors driving companies in their ultimate location decisions are economic development incentives. While economic development incentives are rarely the primary factor, they can very well be a key part of a company’s final location choice. Every day, economic development projects are supported with incentives that come in many different shapes and forms, which could include a state corporate income tax...
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