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Chinchilla and CINDE Focus on Courting Investors in New York City

By Luke Bujarski Before heading over to the UN General Assembly, President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla took the morning to engage investors at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City. In addressing those lining up for a closer look at what the “”Rich Coast”” has to offer, Madame President left much of the talking around investment opportunities up to her senior delegation. Of course, the group would not have been complete without Mr. Jose Rossi, President of CINDE Costa Rica’s  renowned investment promotional agency in charge of promoting the country as the “”best export platform in the Western...
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Ann Harts Invited to Speak at Area Development Forum in Austin, Texas

Ann Harts, Principal at Hickey & Associates, LLC, has been invited to speak at Area Development’s 12th Consultants Forum in Austin, Texas from December 4-6, 2011. Ann blends nearly three decades of experience in corporate real estate, economic development, site selection, and incentive advisory.  Ann is fluent in domestic and international site selection, providing strategy and services on corporate site selection and public incentive advisory to global companies, as well as Community Screening Studies for M&A transactions.  She has recently completed projects in numerous Latin American countries including Brazil, Mexico and Honduras as well as the United States and Canada. ...
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IAMC Volunteer Event – Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia, PA

In a constant effort to give back to our nation’s communities, IAMC organized yet another volunteer event for the Fall 2011 IAMC forum in Philadelphia, PA, similar to the Spring 2011 IAMC volunteer event which took place in Albuquerque, NM.  IAMC approached United By Blue, an eco-friendly company that sells products and uses the profits to organize and host area cleanups, to coordinate a volunteer event for IAMC participants during the Fall 201 IAMC forum. On September 10th, United By Blue and IAMC volunteers cleaned up and removed a total of 355 pounds of trash from Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia,...
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Kansas City Area Development Council’s (KCADC) July Economic Development Alliance Meeting

Mark Beattie, Principal at Hickey & Associates, LLC, was invited to speak at the July 2011 Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC) meeting in Kansas City, MO. Mark was invited on behalf of Hickey & Associates as part of an effort to bring together leading location consultants and their firms to better familiarize them with the area and Kansas City’s team of community partners. Mark shared his insights on the current corporate mindset for relocations and expansions, as well as his take on the competitiveness of the Kansas City region and the importance for transparency and accountability between public/private partnership...
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Nicaragua: Let’s Grow Together

Ann Harts, Principal at Hickey & Associates, LLC, was invited to speak at the Pro-Nicaragua Premier Investment Forum titled “”Nicaragua: Let’s Grow Together”” on August 16-17, 2011 in Managua, Nicaragua. The forum will showcase Nicaragua’s economic growth and the reasons why it has become increasingly attractive to foreign investors. Ann is well known as a key player in international economic development with almost three decades of experience in real estate, finance, site selection, incentive negotiations and government relations. Hickey & Associates, LLC, a global site location and public/private advisory firm, recently announced the merger of its company with HartsGroup, Inc....
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