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H&A Media Contribution – Corporate HQ Article in Trade & Industry Development April 2018

Finding a New Home: Locating a Corporate Headquarters – David Hickey David Hickey, H&A Managing Director, was recently featured in Trade & Industry Development magazine discussing key decision points for undertaking a corporate headquarters site selection project.  Hickey discusses the critical factors weighed in these strategic projects, such as workforce availability, real estate availability, logistics, and leveraging public support contribute to the overall location strategy. Key takeaways from the article are: Workforce Availability of required skills within the location’s labor shed. Corporate HQ projects typically require specific skillsets. Critical to recognize the long-term aspect of a project: the future talent pipeline, migratory patterns,...
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H&A Media Contribution: Celebrating Women in Business – COBCOE

In honor of International Women’s Day, H&A had the honor to contribute to a special Council of British Chamber of Commerce’s (COBCOE) newsletter commemorating and reflecting on the annual occasion.  The newsletter included a collection of essays discussing the importance of gender parity and diversity in the workplace and honored women in business. Perspectives were provided by COBCOE members and partners alike. H&A’s contribution celebrated the great strides made towards gender equality in the European business landscape. Nevertheless, with work still to be done, H&A further explores what gaps exist, identifies a number of the underlying factors and challenges, and...
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H&A Media Contribution – Labor Analytics Article in SIOR Magazine

The War for Talent by Mark Beattie featured in SIOR REPORT Mark Beattie, H&A Principal, was featured in  the winter edition (Q4 2017) of the SIOR Report, a global publication serving members of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR). The article, “The War for Talent: Identifying the Optimal Workforce” dives into the use of labor analytics in a site selection project. Beattie reveals what drives the “War for Talent” and how that better informs decision makers when choosing a location. KEY TAKEAWAYS Key aspects of a labor force: supply, quality, and sustainability. “Ground-truthing” and data forecasting are critical elements...
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H&A Media Contribution – Site Selection Article in Trade and Industry Development Magazine Nov 2017

Site Selection for the Dynamic Plastics Industry by David Hickey David Hickey, H&A Managing Director, was recently featured in Trade & Industry Development magazine unpacking the intricacies of site selection through the lens of the plastics industry. Hickey discusses the key contributing factors decision makers should be aware of and understand when developing a location strategy. KEY TAKEAWAYS American plastics industry accounts for 954,000 jobs and $414.4 billion in shipments annually. Services sector accounts from more than one-third of the industry’s downstream consumption (according to a PLASTICS study). Workforce availability is the most critical factor when developing a location strategy. Rhode Island...
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H&A Media Contribution – Jason Hickey comments on Amazon HQ2 in Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche

  H & A’s president and CEO, Jason Hickey, shared his expertise regarding Amazon’s HQ2 project in FAZWeek (Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche), a weekly German magazine. Below is the original article in German, as well as, an English version, translated by Google. Buhlen um Amazon Der Online-Händler hat einen Städtewettbewerb um seine neue Zentrale losgetreten. Die Kandidaten überbieten sich mit Milliardenangeboten. Lohnt sich das? Von Winand von Petersdorff und Roland Lindner