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Financial Services & IT: Heading for “Shore”

Financial Services & IT: Heading for “”Shore”” Security and cost concerns are driving more financial services and IT companies toward offshore and small-market “”near-shore”” locations. By Mark Crawford (Oct/Nov 07) One of the biggest globalization trends in the financial services/IT sectors is outsourcing back-office functions to lower-cost destinations. “”There is plenty of site location activity going on in both these industries,”” says Dennis Donovan, principal with the Wadley-Donovan Consulting Group. For financial services, business process operations (BPO) such as customer service centers, shared service centers (accounting), and insurance claims processing are being set up in smaller U.S. cities or overseas....
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Mike Hickey to be a Panelist for CoreNet Global Midwest Chapter event

Public Incentives – “”The Winners Circle”” Mike Hickey, President of Hickey & Associates, will be joined by a panel of leading experts in the fields of Corporate Real Estate, Finance and Economic Incentives.  The topic will be “Public Incentives – ‘The Winners Circle'”.  The event is sponsored by the Midwest Chapter of CoreNet Global, a leading international association of Corporate Real Estate decision makers. The success of American Capitalism is significantly rooted in competition, where profit is free to flourish, jobs are created and capital is invested.  Public incentives are a natural extension of the American process where the best prepared...
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Business Facilities Infractructure Checklist

INFRASTRUCTURE CHECKLIST In the wake of Minnesota’s tragic bridge collapse, the state of U.S. infrastructure is the new topic of national conversation. It’s time to take a look at the infrastructure questions you need to ask when evaluating a location. By Pearl Gabel Imagine that a utility company has embarked on a major relocation project—building a corporate headquarters in a Midwestern city. The area is perfect, incentives are in place, the staff is excited, and the pristine grassland is easy to build on. All of a sudden, the company hits a snag: prairie dogs. “”We found there was an entire ‘doggie...
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Mike Hickey to Present at Business Facilities LiveXchange

Mike Hickey, President of Hickey & Associates, LLC, will be a speaker at the Business Facilities LiveXchange, taking place from September 30 – October 2, 2007 at The Houstonian Hotel, Club   and Spa in Houston, TX. Hickey’s presentation entitled “”Digging Deeper Into Financial Incentives for Relocation/Expansion: What You Really Need to Know”” will focus on business incentives and if they are worth pursuing, and if so, how to manage the internal corporate process. This is the third year Mike Hickey has been asked to be a presenter at the Business Facilities LiveXchange. For more information, or if you would like to...
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