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Federal Economic Stimulus – Summary of Business Incentives

 FEDERAL ECONOMIC STIMULUS ACT OF 2008 SUMMARY OF BUSINESS INCENTIVES The FEDERAL ECONOMIC STIMULUS ACT OF 2008 provides businesses with two tax incentives accelerated all in one year, 2008. The two incentives are: 1.        Enhanced Code Sec. 179 expensing and; 2.        Bonus depreciation. *Congress did not provide for extended net operating loss (NOL) carryback treatment.   ENHANCED EXPENSING The new law almost doubles the amount of deductible Code Sec. 179 expensing for 2008 to $250,000 and increases the threshold for reducing the deduction to $800,000. It applies to property purchased and placed in service in tax years beginning in 2008. Unlike the...
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Plastics – Trade & Industry Magazine – Nov/Dec 2007

Plastics From Bags to Medical Devices – Best Practices for Location Choices By: Michael P. Hickey Trade & Industry Nov/Dec 2007 The Reality of the Market Plastics are everywhere and in almost everything. They make airplanes, cars and boats lighter and more efficient, provide containers for food and beverages, and create better, but cheaper, medical devices and equipment. Even children’s toys are sturdier, safer and affordable because of plastics technology. In fact, most of our kitchen appliances, and other items throughout the home, rely on plastics. They are a part of our everyday life. The magnitude of the industry is...
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Mike Hickey Presenter at Leading Logistics & Transport Conference

Mike Hickey, President of Hickey & Associates, LLC, was a featured Presenter at this year’s Logistics Property & Site Selection Forum. Mike’s presentation entitled “2008 Real Estate Opportunities” focused on where and how to find significant incentive opportunities worldwide. For more information about the Forum, please contact Eye for Transport, one of the world’s leading provider of Logistcs and Transportation information and services.

Financial Services & IT: Heading for “Shore”

Financial Services & IT: Heading for “”Shore”” Security and cost concerns are driving more financial services and IT companies toward offshore and small-market “”near-shore”” locations. By Mark Crawford (Oct/Nov 07) One of the biggest globalization trends in the financial services/IT sectors is outsourcing back-office functions to lower-cost destinations. “”There is plenty of site location activity going on in both these industries,”” says Dennis Donovan, principal with the Wadley-Donovan Consulting Group. For financial services, business process operations (BPO) such as customer service centers, shared service centers (accounting), and insurance claims processing are being set up in smaller U.S. cities or overseas....
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