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60 Seconds with Michael P. Hickey, founder and president of Hickey & Associates

Michael P. Hickey is the founder and president of Hickey & Associates, a consulting company headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, with four regional offices throughout the United States. Hickey is a site selection and public incentives expert who has spoken at numerous national conferences. BF: You say that about 75% of financial incentives offered to relocating companies aren’t fully realized. What factors contribute to this high rate of incompletion? Hickey: The lack of a centralized incentive management system for key corporate team members diminishes their ability to not only manage the incentives they have, but also limits future opportunities to reduce costs. The...
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Aerospace & Defense – Flying High While Well Grounded

Aerospace & Defense Flying High While Well Grounded Location Selection for a Very Specialized Industry By: Michael P. Hickey Trade & Industry Development Magazine Site Selection – “”Taking Off”” Aerospace and Defense are often lumped together as one. For most companies in these fields, the two are almost synonymous, but not always. Some companies only specialize in commercial and private aircraft, while others, (defense) may provide only IT services, Homeland Security or logistical support to government agencies and military ground operations. But then again, ground support often requires close coordination with aircraft, satellites and ships. Most of the basic site...
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Inside Business Facilities LiveXchange – April 2008

By Michelle Janowitz Business Facilities LiveXchange is an invitation-only event for corporate executives responsible for choosing a new location for their companies’ next facility. Delegates meet with senior economic developers from across North America to discuss their locations as potential solutions; attend seminars, workshops, and think tanks led by experts in the field of relocation and expansion; and network with other corporate executives faced with the same corporate growth challenges. We spoke with Mike Hickey, president of Hickey & Associates, about his experience presenting at 2007’s LiveXchange. BF: Can you give an overview of the think-tank you led at LiveXchange 2007?...
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Federal Economic Stimulus – Summary of Business Incentives

 FEDERAL ECONOMIC STIMULUS ACT OF 2008 SUMMARY OF BUSINESS INCENTIVES The FEDERAL ECONOMIC STIMULUS ACT OF 2008 provides businesses with two tax incentives accelerated all in one year, 2008. The two incentives are: 1.        Enhanced Code Sec. 179 expensing and; 2.        Bonus depreciation. *Congress did not provide for extended net operating loss (NOL) carryback treatment.   ENHANCED EXPENSING The new law almost doubles the amount of deductible Code Sec. 179 expensing for 2008 to $250,000 and increases the threshold for reducing the deduction to $800,000. It applies to property purchased and placed in service in tax years beginning in 2008. Unlike the...
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Plastics – Trade & Industry Magazine – Nov/Dec 2007

Plastics From Bags to Medical Devices – Best Practices for Location Choices By: Michael P. Hickey Trade & Industry Nov/Dec 2007 The Reality of the Market Plastics are everywhere and in almost everything. They make airplanes, cars and boats lighter and more efficient, provide containers for food and beverages, and create better, but cheaper, medical devices and equipment. Even children’s toys are sturdier, safer and affordable because of plastics technology. In fact, most of our kitchen appliances, and other items throughout the home, rely on plastics. They are a part of our everyday life. The magnitude of the industry is...
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