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H&A’s Jason Hickey talks Transformative Workspaces

Jason Hickey, CEO and President, participated in a panel discussion at NAIOP’s O’CON ’16: The Office Conference. The panel, Building to Suit the Multigenerational Workforce, tackled the challenges that come with a transforming workforce. Experts discussed how business cultures varying by age, speed, size, innovation, and delivery attract and retain key talent with an environment that inspires them. Every office is a reflection of a company’s brand, and a physical space should reflect the personality of the company, invite growth potential, and be an invigorating and encouraging space for employees. Notable experts on the panel include moderator, Peter Belisle, and speakers,...
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Global Manufacturing Report presented at CoreNet Global Summit (Amsterdam)

  H&A’s Wouter Schuitemaker, Managing Director, EMEA presented with leaders from CoreNet Global on Global Real Estate Dynamics at the CoreNet Global Summit in Amsterdam. The esteemed panel presented the findings from their co-written BRICS Report, a research paper on the real impact the BRICS nations is having on the global economy. The report, Global Manufacturing Shifts: An EMEA Perspective, Productions in the Post BRICS Era, explores how global manufacturing companies are responding to the challenges posed by an ever-evolving market environment. Key discussion points covered in the report include: labor costs, proximity to consumer markets, and technological advances in Europe, CEE, China,...
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H&A Media Contribution: Technological Advancement in Site Location Strategy

  H&A had the pleasure of providing an article for the Italian-based magazine, The Procurement. David Hickey, Senior Director of H&A, writes about the Technological Advancement in Site Location Strategy through the lenses of physical advancements, digital advancements, and communications advancements. The full article is below. Technological Advancement in Site Location Strategy By: David Hickey In today’s age, multinational corporations are faced with tremendous technological advancements leading them to constantly evaluate their business strategies and core objectives. The real estate operations are now more than ever at the forefront for corporate executives and leaders, where they are seeking the most optimal location for their operations. As a result, the site location strategy process is...
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H&A’s Jason Hickey discusses World Disruptive Events at IAMC Fall Forum 2016

  Jason Hickey, CEO of Hickey & Associates, discusses World Disruptive Events at the IAMC Fall Forum 2016 Indianapolis with panel of CRE experts. Hickey spoke on a panel titled, Recent World Disruptive Events – Impact on Corporate Real Estate Strategy and Execution. The presentation included an interactive element in which the audience was able to participate in the talk. Major takeaways from the discussion focused on new issues, questions and corporate real estate best practices in light of recent world events. Also on the panel was Kevin Dollhopf, Vice President of Worldwide Real Estate, Handsbrands Inc, Colleen Caravati, Director of Corporate Real...
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Investment Aid in Europe: H&A, Thomson Reuters release joint white paper

H&A is excited to share the joint effort white paper with Thomson Reuters. Investment Aid in Europe: 2016 Regional Update provides analysis and updates of European policies and programs dealing with economic development and investment aid in Europe. To download and enjoy this free white paper, visit the Thomson Reuters Pinpointer website. Investment Aid in Europe: 2016 Regional Update When seeking to invest in Europe, businesses looking to take advantage of investment incentives must be aware of a variety of  rules and policies that are now in effect, particularly how they differ from programs in other parts of the world. Developed...
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