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SiteTrends Report - Future of the European Workforce

SiteTrends Report – Future of the European Workforce

SiteTrends Report - Future of the European Workforce

Hickey and Associates (H&A), a global site location, incentive advisory, and workplace solutions firm, has developed a report, SiteTrends – Future of the European Workforce, reviewing the current labor situation in Europe and evaluates the potential future of the European workforce post Brexit. To download a complimentary copy, click here.

The world is vastly different today than it was yesterday. Tomorrow is not expected to look anything like today. This is the reality we deal with in business each and every time the sun rises over the horizon: uncertainty.

With an ever-changing global marketplace, one of the greatest migratory periods in human history, and the recent decision by the United Kingdom to exit the European Union, we are all facing a dynamic economic future that is difficult to predict. As corporate leaders look to the next day, let alone the coming years, uncertainty is a common issue we all have to navigate.

As we work with our clients around the world, we develop that path forward utilizing our thirty years of experience and innovative, proven solutions. Being a strategic partner, our clients have the confidence to move forward on a road to success.

A critical aspect of any strategic location decision requires a comprehensive understanding of the workforce environment and how the labour force impacts a project today, as well as, into the future.

Click here to download the report: SiteTrends: Future of the European Workforce