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SiteTrends -War for Talent 2017

H&A Releases New Global Workforce Report: SiteTrends – War For Talent 2017

SiteTrends - War for Talent 2017

SiteTrends – War for Talent 2017

Hickey and Associates (H&A), a global site location, incentive advisory, and workforce analytics firm, released a new report, SiteTrends – War for Talent 2017, examining key labor trends around the world to understand the current workforce and forecast the future landscape. To download a complimentary copy, click here.

The “War for Talent” describes the competition among businesses for both high quality and affordable labor. Businesses looking to maintain a competitive edge must be cognizant of changing workforce demographics as Millennials begin to outnumber Baby Boomers in terms of employment, and the nature of many industries shifts to reflect a more global economy. In particular, as online retail becomes more lucrative and many firms have the option of offshoring or outsourcing internationally, businesses are having to restructure their practices in order to stay relevant and keep costs down, while individuals struggle to differentiate themselves in an ever-growing population of workers.

This report evaluates the factors that have created the War for Talent around the world, including an examination of how the changes in population cycles within a few countries drive the increased competition for skilled labor. Statistics on migration rates, birth rates, workforce participation, and unemployment are also included to help analyze some of the trends within the evaluated populations.

In evaluating these differences in the workforce demographics, H&A aims to offer a broad international perspective on the War for the Talent and some guidance for businesses looking to adapt.