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War for Talent: A New Generation – Fall 2018

Hickey and Associates, a global site selection, incentive advisory, and labor analytics firm, has released a new report, SiteTrends: War for the Talent: A New Generation, which dives into the labor trends of the largest emerging generations in the workforce: Millennials and Generation Z. The report discusses how Millennials are impacting the current labor force and how Generation Z are poised to influence and reshape it even more than their predecessors.

As a result of the generational shift changes, things such as technology usage, diversity, work-life balance, company benefits, corporate office structures, and job benefits are all factors in play as we move into a dynamic future. Demographically, these new workers are more educated, more diverse, pursue different career paths and have different work styles than their generational forefathers. Accordingly, it is imperative that employers consider these changing characteristics of the workforce as they rescale their businesses to the future.

By evaluating labor demographics of Millennials and Generation Z, Hickey and Associates compares the growing population of young workers to the retiring Baby Boomers and Generation X to provide a new, interesting perspective on the trends within each generation. This summary aims to evaluate job growth, the industries that attract Millennials and Generation Z, and the lifestyle choices that dictate where they live, how they use technology, and their attitudes on domestic life.

This report should act as a balm, in part, to explain the disputed economic and social differences that set them apart from their peers in the workplace.

Click here to download the comprehensive report: War for Talent: A New Generation – Fall 2018.